Visualizing and Analyzing Data With Power BI

Discover how to visualize and analyze data using Power BI.


Working knowledge of data concepts and structures as well as a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is needed for this course.

Course length: 2 days, Delivery: Online or In-class.

Please call (475) 328-2227 with questions.

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Course Overview

Introducing Power BI

  • Using Power BI

  • The building blocks of Power

  • A quick look at the Power BI service

  • Getting data Overview of Power BI Desktop

  • Getting started with Power BI Desktop

  • Connect to data sources in Power BI Desktop

  • Clean and transform your data with the Query Editor

  • More advanced data sources and transformation

  • Cleaning irregularly formatted data

Modeling: Introduction to modeling your data

  • How to manage your data relationships

  • Create calculated columns

  • Optimizing data models

  • Create calculated measures

  • Create calculated tables

  • Explore your time-based data

Visualizations: Introduction to visuals in Power BI

  • Create and customize simple visualizations

  • Combination charts

  • Slicers

  • Map visualizations

  • Matrixes and tables

  • Scatter charts

  • Waterfall and funnel charts

  • Gauges and single-number cards

  • Modify colors in charts and visuals

  • Shapes, text boxes, and images

  • Page layout and formatting

  • Group interactions among visualizations

  • Duplicate a report page

  • Show categories with no data

  • Summarization and category options

  • Z-order

  • Visual hierarchies and drill-down

  • R integration in Power BI Desktop

Exploring data: Introduction to the Power BI service

  • Quick insights in Power BI

  • Create and configure a dashboard

  • Ask questions of your data with natural language

  • Create custom Q&A suggestions

  • Share dashboards with your organization

  • Display visuals and tiles full-screen

  • Edit tile details and add widgets

  • Get more space on your dashboard

  • Install and configure a personal gateway

Power BI and Excel: Introduction to using Excel data in Power BI

  • Upload Excel data to Power BI

  • Import Power View and Power Pivot to Power BI

  • Connect OneDrive for Business to Power BI

  • Excel in Power BI - summary

Publishing and sharing: Introduction to content packs, security, and groups

  • Publish Power BI Desktop reports

  • Print and export dashboards and reports

  • Manually republish and refresh your data

  • Introducing Power BI Mobile

  • Create groups in Power BI

  • Build content packs

  • Use content packs

  • Update content packs

  • Integrate OneDrive for Business with Power BI

  • Publish to web

Introduction to DAX

  • DAX calculation types

  • DAX functions

  • Using variables in DAX expressions

  • Table relationships and DAX

  • DAX tables and filtering