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SSMS 17.5 Released

A new version of SQL Server Management Studio was just released last week:

Version 17.5 includes:

Data Discovery & Classification:

  • Added a new SQL Data Discovery & Classification feature for discovering, classifying, labeling & reporting sensitive data in your databases.

  • Auto-discovering and classifying your most sensitive data (business, financial, healthcare, PII, etc.) can play a pivotal role in your organizational information protection stature.

  • Learn more at SQL Data Discovery & Classification.

Query Editor:

  • Added support for SkipRows option to the Delimited Text External File Format for Azure SQL DW. This capability allows users to skip a specified number of rows when loading delimited text files into SQL DW. Also added the corresponding intellisense/SMO support for the FIRST_ROW keyword.


  • Enabled display of estimated plan button for SQL Data Warehouse

  • Added new showplan attribute EstimateRowsWithoutRowGoal; and added new showplan attributes to QueryTimeStats: UdfCpuTime and UdfElapsedTime. For more information, see Optimizer row goal information in query execution plan added in SQL Server 2017 CU3.


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