SQL Integration Services SSIS

In this SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) training class, you'll learn how to implement an Integration Services solution in an organization by discovering how to develop, deploy, and manage Integration Services packages.

This SSIS class well prepares Information Technology (IT) professionals and Developers who need to implement data transfer or extract, transform, and load (ETL) solutions by using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. 


No prior product knowledge is needed.

Course length: 5 days, Delivery: Online and In-class. 
Please call (475) 328-2227 with questions.

Course Overview

1    Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services

  • Overview of SQL Server Integration Services

  • Using Integration Services Tools

2    Developing Integration Services Solutions

  • Creating an Integration Services Solution

  • Using Variables

  • Building and Running a Solution

3    Implementing Control Flow

  • Control Flow Tasks

  • Control Flow Precedent Constraints

  • Control Flow Containers

4    Implementing Data Flow

  • Data Flow Sources and Destinations

  • Basic Data Flow Transformations

  • Advanced Data Flow Transformations

  • Data Flow Paths

5    Implementing Logging

  • Overview of Integration Services Logging

  • Enabling and Configuring Logging

6    Debugging and Error Handling

  • Debugging a Package

  • Implementing Error Handling

7    Implementing Checkpoints and Transactions

  • Implementing Checkpoints

  • Implementing Transactions


8    Configuring and Deploying Packages

  • Package Configurations

  • Deploying Packages

9    Managing and Securing Packages

  • Managing Packages

  • Securing Packages

10  Creating an ETL Solution 

  • Introduction to ETL with SSIS

  • Exploring Source Data

  • Implementing Data Flow

11   Enforcing Data Quality 

  • Introduction to Data Quality

  • Using Data Quality Services to Cleanse Data

  • Using Data Quality Services to Match Data

12   Deploying and Configuring SSIS Packages 

  • Overview of SSIS Deployment

  • Deploying SSIS Projects

  • Planning SSIS Package Execution

13   Consuming Data in a Data Warehouse 

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence

  • Introduction to Reporting

  • An Introduction to Data Analysis

  • Analyzing Data with Azure SQL Data Warehouse

14   Extending SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 

  • Using Custom Components in SSIS

  • Using Scripting in SSIS

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