SQL Server 2019 Essentials


In this course you will learn how to solve modern data challenges with SQL Server 2019 using a hands-on lab approach.

This workshop uses SQL Server 2019, SQL Server Management Studio, Azure Data Studio, containers, Kubernetes, and Azure SQL Database for you to learn how you can solve modern data challenges with SQL Server 2019.



This course is designed for data professionals who have a basic working knowledge of SQL Server and the T-SQL language.


  • Understand and use Intelligent Performance and Optimizations for TempDB features to boost query performance with no application changes

  • Understand and use Data Classification and Auditing to meet the needs of compliance and regulation standards.

  • Understand and use Accelerated Database Recovery to increase database availability.

  • Learn how to extend the T-SQL Language with Java classes.

  • Understand and use containers and deploy SQL Server Replication on Linux.

  • Learn how to deploy and use SQL Server on Kubernetes

  • Understand and use Polybase to connect and query other data sources with no data movement.

  • Learn how to use Big Data Clusters to gain intelligence over all your data integrating SQL Server, Hadoop, and Spark.

  • Learn more about additional capabilities of SQL Server 2019, Migration tools, and Database Compatibility.


1 day, Delivery: Online or In-class. 
Please call (475) 328-2227 with questions.

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Course Overview

Introduction to SQL Server 2019

  • What’s Changed with the Update


Intelligent Performance

  • Intelligent Query Processing

  • Using Query Store for Performance Analysis

  • Tempdb Just Runs Faster


  • Data Classification

  • Auditing Data Classification



  • Accelerated Database Recovery


Modern Development Platform

  • Extending the T-SQL Language with Java

Linux and Containers

  • Deploying and using SQL Server Containers

  • SQL Server 2019 Replication on Linux using Containers


SQL Server on Kubernetes

  • Deploying SQL Server on Kubernetes

  • SQL Server High Availability on Kubernetes


Data Virtualization

  • SQL Server 2019 Polybase

  • Using Polybase with Azure SQL Server Database


Big Data Clusters

  • Deploying a Big Data Cluster and Getting Started

  • Data Virtualization and Big Data Clusters

  • Spark and Machine Learning

  • Exploring and Monitoring Big Data Clusters


Additional Capabilities, Migration, and Next Steps

  • Additional Capabilities in SQL Server 2019

  • Migration and Database Compatibility