SQL Analysis Services SSAS

This class will show you how to implement an Analysis Services solution in an organization, how to use the Analysis Services development tools to create an Analysis Services database, an OLAP cube, as well as management and administration of OLAP objects. 


No prior product knowledge is needed.

Course length: 5 days, Delivery: Online or In-class.

Please call (475) 328-2227 with questions.

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Course Overview

1    Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis         Services (SSAS)

  • Overview of Data Analysis Solutions

  • Overview of SQL Server Analysis Services

  • Installing SQL Server Analysis Services

2    Creating Multidimensional Analysis Solutions

  • Developing Analysis Services Solutions

  • Creating Data Sources and Data Source Views

  • Creating a Cube

3    Working with Cubes and Dimensions

  • Configuring Dimensions

  • Defining Attribute Hierarchies

  • Sorting and Grouping Attributes

4    Working with Measures and Measure Groups

  • Working With Measures

  • Working with Measure Groups

5    Querying Multidimensional Analysis Solutions

  • MDX Fundamentals

  • Adding Calculations to a Cube

6    Customizing Cube Functionality

  • Implementing Key Performance Indicators

  • Implementing Actions

  • Implementing Perspectives

  • Implementing Translations

7    Deploying and Securing an Analysis Services            Database

  • Deploying an Analysis Services Database

  • Securing an Analysis Services Database

8   Maintaining a Multidimensional Solution

  • Configuring Processing

  • Logging, Monitoring, and Optimizing an Analysis Services Solution

  • Backing Up and Restoring an Analysis Services Database

9    Introduction to Data Mining

  • Creating a Data Mining Solution

  • Validating Data Mining Models

10   Creating Data Visualizations with Power View 

  • Visualizing Data with Power View

  • Configuring a Tabular Data Model for Power View

  • Creating a Simple Power View Report

  • Using Interactive Visualizations

  • Creating a Scatter Chart and a Play Axis

  • Exporting a Power View Report to PowerPoint 

11   Using Cloud Technologies in a BI Solution 

  • Overview of Cloud Data Sources

  • SQL Azure

12  Implementing a Tabular Data Model

      by Using Analysis Services 

  • Creating a tabular data model

  • Using an analysis services tabular model in an enterprise BI solution

  • Working with an Analysis services tabular data model 

13   Introduction to Data Analysis Expression (DAX) 

  • DAX fundamentals

  • Using DAX to create calculated columns and measures in a tabular data model

  • Creating Calculated Columns and Measures by using DAX 

14  Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining 

  • Using the data mining add-in for Excel

  • Creating a custom data mining solution

  • Validating a data mining model

  • Connecting to and consuming a data mining model

  • SQL Azure Reporting Services

  • Using Cloud Data in a BI Solution